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Make your Trip to Miami easier

Traveling to Miami, Orlando, Key West, Everglades or any other beautiful destination in the South of Florida? Make your Trip to Miami easier. If you would like to know how to have a better experience in your trip to Miami and South Florida by bringing what is needed and avoid what can give you trouble….just click in the title, you will find the general information for most of the tours in Miami, Everglades, Key West, Orlando and more destinations to the beautiful South Florida ↑

  • Bring Water and Sunscreen protection.
  • Most of the tours do not allow to eat or drink in the bus, so be prepared and take something before the tour starts.
  • ID’s (Passport or Driver License) they are not required but, they are important in case of emergencies.
  • Kids must be attended at all times.
  • Do not forget your personal belongings in any of the attractions.
  • Tips are not included in the prices.
  • Some of the tours will allow you to bring your pet under safety conditions…just confirm when making the reservation. It can have an extra charge.


  • Always check if your child must pay a tour. This depends on the age, usually children under 2 years old do not need to pay for most of the tours. They must go on the parent’s laps.
  • Be on time, tours cannot wait for someone who is late as other visitors can get inpatient.
  • Most of the Tours are bilingual, meaning English and Spanish. Other languages must be requested for private tours.
  • Be sure that the Driver who will pick you up has your name on a list to avoid taking a wrong company.
  • Some of the tours will allow you to have luggage with you and others even bicycles, just ask.
  • Please be aware of all the instructions provided in reference to safety measures, pick-up and drop-off points and times.

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